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Single, “Slipping Through My Hands”

In This Cold Wind, I Think You Will Turn to Sand

(Slipping Through My Hands)

“Slipping Through My Hands” is the newest recording by The Random Hubiak Band for public consumption. It has, however, a back catalogue song. Those of you who have been following us since the beginning will recognize it as a track from the ENDLESS STREET: A SPIRITUAL TRAVELOGUE album, which was originally written and recorded in the 90s. Of course, the original recordings were all piano or acoustic guitar demos with occasional backing vocals or a synth drum, but never a finished project.



In 2011, guitarist Tom Briant and I began reworking the album’s tracks in the studio for eventual re-release, with the intention always to continue adding new music to the catalogue while shoring up the back catalogue’s legacy with the recordings those songs so well-deserved.

This year, we finally got Paul Galiszewski into the studio to lay down the drums, and I added some new vocals (now that I can hit those notes again!), and once Julian added his bass in late August, I was able to finishing mixing and mastering the song.

There are two versions: a single edit (which is what’s being released today), and a full-length album version that will arrive sometime later as part of an EP or compilation, or when ENDLESS STREET itself is ready for a hard copy release with all new recordings.

Until then, I hope you will give this track a listen! Below are various links where you can access the song. If you like it, please give it a handful of spins to generate a couple of pennies for us to offset the cost of recording and releasing music, and think about reposting the links on your own socials!

Much love to you all!

The artwork above is by Susette Earley, “View from Deac Mong's Field,” the artwork used for the digital release of “Slipping Through My Hands.”


We were strangers on a journey Down some lonesome interstate, Passing landmarks in the desert That only solitude creates. And when we met, I finally thought my journeying was done, Like two lovers in the movies who ride into the setting sun.. But now the cameras have stopped rolling And as I reach for your embrace My arms grasp only shadows That stretch across this place. And as the light slips into darkness, like your fading state of grace, We're just two actors standing here, trying to save face. I turn to face your bitter chill and wonder if you love me still. In this cold wind, I think you will turn to sand, slipping through my hands. Now we've packed up the mementos Of our weekends by the bay To be sorted out and divided up And most likely thrown away. I might keep the snapshots of Vegas, where we had ourselves a ball, But if you can't preserve the memories, why keep anything at all? I turn to face your bitter chill and wonder if you love me still. In this cold wind, I think you will turn to sand, slipping through my hands.

Playlist contents:

The Random Hubiak Band: Slipping Through My Hands Del Amitri — Surface of the Moon Fleetwood Mac — Go Your Own Way Stevie Nicks — Some Become Strangers Flock of Seagulls — Story of a Young Heart/The More You Live the More You Love John Mellencamp — Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) R.E.M. — Me in Honey Bruce Springsteen — Hungry Heart David & David — Swallowed by the Cracks Dar Williams — Iowa (Traveling, Pt. 3) David Baerwald — Good Times Emmylou Harris — A Ways to Go John Stewart — Runaway Train Lone Justice — Wheels Erin McAndrew — I Don’t Need You Anymore Cold Weather Company — Clover The Foxfires — Lost at Sea Mark Sylvester — Urban Nocturne Joni Mitchell — Lesson in Survival/Let the Wind Carry Me Tori Amos — Past the Mission Counting Crows — A Murder of One Tom Cochrane — Sinking Like a Sunset Matt Tarka — Surely Late CSN — Suite: Judy Blue Eyes R.E.M. — Man on the Moon The Bangles — Following Led Zeppelin — The Rain Song Bob Seger — Night Moves Janis Ian — Night Rains Del Amitri — Always the Last to Know Stevie Nicks — Imperial Hotel John Hiatt — Through Your Hands Syd Straw — Heart of Darkness Emmylou Harris — Blackhawk Led Zeppelin — Going to California The Random Hubiak — Through My Hands (1992 demo)

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