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A Mischievous Song for Mischief Night

A Brand New Version of Patty Cakes!

Although it doesn’t have the most profane language of any of my songs (“Happy to Be Your Whore” owns that distinction), “Patty Cakes” is probably more offensive, due mainly to the fact that the vulgarity isn’t an off-the-cuff expression of internal turmoil here but, rather, directed at the titular villainness. Without going into too many specifics, let’s just say that I’ve written angry songs about social injustice, but this is the angriest song I’ve ever written about a personal injustice. And, while most of my songs are either fictionalized entirely or at least fictionalized accounts of something that may have happened to me (or even because of me) in ways entirely unlike their lyrical counterparts, “Patty Cakes” is unremittingly and authentically personal. The original version was great, largely due to Adam Silverstein’s synthesized arrangement, but we’ve always wanted a version with the full band and (more importantly to me) a vocal take I wasn’t embarrassed by. And now we have that! Paul Galiszewski adds his crazed drumming to Adam”s keyboards, to which Julian Michalski funked up that bass line like nobody’s business. Tom gives a restrained rhythm guitar performance (two separate rhythm lines, actually) throughout, but also provides a kooky counterpoint with an unhinged lead guitar at the beginning and end. I even added some backing harmonics at the end that sound straight out of Fleetwood Mac, just about the last thing you’d expect from something so clearly indebted to jazz, punk, and funk for its tonal structures. You can hear the song in and of itself at any of the links below (sorry — the YouTube link to listen isn't available yet, but there's a live rendition on there somewhere featuring amazing bass work by Daniel Sakumoto!). Additionally, you can listen to a playlist I, um, curated (hysterical laughter) to showcase the song amidst other songs that are either about crazy women (and men) as well as counterpoints by female artists defending unfairly maligned choices… It’s an irreverent and fairly offensive romp through the musical landscape of great songwriting! I'll send the YouTube links next week.


PLAYLIST CONTENTS The Random Hubiak Band: Patty Cakes Eric Schwartz: Who Da Bitch Now? Ben Folds: Bitch Went Nuts Elton John: The Cage Billy Joel: That’s Not Her Style Aretha Franklin: Respect Regina Spektor: Ghost of Corporate Future Ben Fold Five: One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces Matt Cook: Solo, So Low Billy Joel: Everybody Loves You now Fiona Apple: Shadwoboxer Tori Amos: Waitress Ain DiFranco: Out of Habit Elton John: Take Me to the Pilot Eric Schwartz: Hattie and Mattie Randy Newman: Short People Eli Paperboy Reed: Cut Ya Down Macy Gray: Caligula Ben Folds Five: Song for the Dumped Harry Nilsson: You’re Breakin’ My Heart Ain DiFranco: Untouchable Face Bette Midler: Otto Titsling Eric Schwartz: The Psycho Ballet Matt Cook: Shut Up, You Old Bag! Elton John: All the Girls Love Alice Elton John: No Shoe Strings on Louise Billy Joel: Don’t Ask Me Why Regina Spektor: Apres Moi Tori Amos: Girl Ben Folds Five: Kate Eric Schwatrtz: Houston, We Have a Problem

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