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“Sleep (Calokid’s Perchance to Dream Edit)”

A new remix of The General Electorate’s “Sleep”

and a Playlist

This is an exciting fall for The Random Hubiak Band — besides resuming work on new music for both the JABBERWALRUS and CAPITAL IDEA projects, we’ve also been putting the finishing touches on some of the back catalogue re-recordings. In two weeks you’ll have a new version of “Patty Cakes,” which is already finished and awaiting distribution finalization. Soon after that you’ll have new versions of “Three Rings,” and shortly thereafter “No One Gets Out of Here Alive.” Today finds the official release of an edited version (five minutes) of the original (nine minute) closing track to my side project The General Electorate’s SYNTHETIC BONES album, “Sleep.” The General Electorate is an ad hoc collective of composers/songwriters throughout the northern Atlantic states that currently includes myself, Daniel J. S. Lewis of The Tomorrow Files, Calokid (aka Carlos Castaneda Jr.), Ted Potter, and Mark Sylvester. Daniel and I manage the bulk of the writing and the instrumentation with some input from the others, but the others are instrumental in their mixing and remixing prowess, offering us alternate versions of the tunes we've created. In 2017, we released a twelve-song concept album/song cycle of 1980s new wave synth-pop inspired music with a heavily social, political, and philosophical bent.

To celebrate the release of “Sleep,” I’ve provided all the links I currently know of (for free streaming, I think YouTube and Amazon actually provide the best pay rate), as well as a playlist that captures the mood and sound of the song. And I’ve provided both YouTube and Spotify options. If it’s just the song itself you want to hear, the links follow directly below. Further down you will find buttons for the playlists on YouTube and Spotify, with contents below the buttons. The above artwork (official artwork for the song) is by artist Christine Owens, the wife of my collaborator on MANWHORE and CAPITAL IDEA, Adam Silverstein.

Listen to “Sleep”


Hear the playlists on:

Check Out the Playlist Contents Before You Play!

The General Electorate — Sleep (Calokid’s Perchance to Dream Radio Edit) Capital Cities — Safe and Sound (Dzeko and Torres’ Digital Dreamin’ Remix) Depeche Mode — Blue Dress Imogen Heap — Hide and Seek Dan Deacon — When I Was Done Dying John Cale — Chinese Envoy ’Til Tuesday — No One is Watching You Now Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark — The Misunderstanding Lamb — Wise Enough Thomas Dolby — I Love You Goodbye [only on YouTube version] DeVotchka — How It Ends The Waterboys — The Whole of the Moon The Cure — A Few Hours After This Fleetwood Mac — Red Rover Electric Light Orchestra — Prologue/Twilight Joni Mitchell — The Three Great Stimulants ABBA — Like an Angel Passing Through My Room Capital Cities — Safe and Sound Electric President — Insomnia Laurie Anderson — O Superman (For Massenet) Eurythmics — Jennifer The General Electorate — Sleep (album version)

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