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“Vapor Trails” Spotify Playlist

“Vapor Trails” is one of my earliest songs that I’ve kept in my repertoire. The first time I performed it was at The Cellar at Penn State back in 1990 or 1991 as part of a set that guitarist Mark Sylvester was performing (he let me get up for a number). I wrote it, I think, in the fall semester of my freshman year (1990), because I’m fairly certain I can recall sending taped recordings of it to some friends back home as early as my freshman year. The song, of course, is about chasing the unattainable and losing yourself in the process.

Click the photo to go to the Spotify Playlist

I’m still immensely proud of the song itself, and I do wish to do a good acoustic recording of it (I have an awesome acoustic take from 1992, with guitar by Kenny Levy, my roommate from the fall of that year, but it was done on a four-track and is fairly low quality in terms of the actual recording if not the performance). But I’d always wanted to get a full-band rock version, and now that version has finally arrived. Hopefully, so will all the other tunes on its parent album, ENDLESS STREET: A SPIRITUAL TRAVELOGUE.

The guitar on this recording is by Tom Briant. Julian Michalski gives us the bass line. Paul Galiszewski plays the drums. None of that should be a surprise. And the recording was pretty straightforward, so there’s not a lot to discuss in terms of the recording session.

The playlist includes tons of songs and artists that I was listening to heavily at the time, and a few that I caught on to later in college but felt a similar affinity towards.


The Random Hubiak Band/Vapor Trails

Hothouse Flowers/Give It Up

Tom Cochrane/Life is a Highway


Bruce Springsteen/Roll of the Dice

Del Amitri/Kiss This Thing Goodbye

Danielia Cotton/It’s Only Life

Bob Seger/Even Now

World Party/Put the Message in the Box

R.E.M./The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonight

John Hiatt/Child of the Wild Blue Yonder

Bob Dylan/Tangled Up in Blue

Cold Weather Company/Old But True

’Til Tuesday/Coming Up Close

Mark Sylvester/Cathedral

Patty Larkin/Who Holds your Hand

Tracy Chapman/Crossroads

Söur Brothers/Better Days

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young/4 + 20

The Band and Joni Mitchell/Coyote

Neil Young and Crazy Horse/Thrasher

Counting Crows/Rain King

David Baerwald/The Best Inside You

Janis Ian/Miracle Row

Janis Ian/Maria

Rod Stewart/Maggie May

Indigo Girls/Closer to Fine

Linda Ronstadt & Emmylou Harris/For a Dancer

Shawn Colvin/Round of Blues


Joni Mitchell/Cactus Tree

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