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“I’ve Come Undone” playlist

I first wrote “Come Undone” in late 2012 and recorded the demo in early 2013, so it was too late to include on the MEMOIRS album. But I was able to finish it in time to include it on an EP/single of “Anchors Aweigh,” along with a few other songs. At the time, it was one drum loop the entire way through the song, and the vocals were pretty bad (in my retroactively applied opinion) because my voice was still so decimated. Despite the song being a non-album track (and one of the lighter numbers I’d ever written... Oh, hell, it was nothing but ear candy!), we cut a video of the song, which you can link to through the photograph below.

The video for “Come Undone” was directed by Eric Hackler and stars Taylor Russell as The Girl Who Disrupts Time and Space.

This year, I decided to re-record the vocals. While I was add it, I mixed the drum loop up a bit for some variety so I could have a better version of the song available for Pandora and Spotify play before the holiday season. Eventually I’ll get Paul in the studio to put live drums on it so I can put the song on a physical album, but for now I can at least be a lot less embarrassed by the vocals and arrangement than I was before. And I’ll have to double check to see whether the bass line is one that Tom Briant did, or whether it was a synth bass... If it’s the latter, I’ll have Julian Michalski throw some groovier live bass on it as well. (Tom did do the guitars, though, so Kudos to Tom for a wonderful job on those guitars!)

This SPOTIFY PLAYLIST features the song amidst the sounds that inspired it: a combination of disco, classic Motown and early 70s R&B, and some more recent retro-sounding soul music. Give it a listen, and share it around!

Here’s the contents of the playlist:

The Random Hubiak Band/Come Undone

Alicia Bridges/I Love the Nightlife

Four Tops/I Can’t Help Myself

The Temptations/Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Michael Jackson/Rock With You

Andrea True Connection/More More More

Donna Summer/ I Feel Love

Annie Lennox/Little Bird (Utah Saints Remix)

Warpaint/New Song

Pet Shop Boys/Left To My Own Devices

Bee Gees/Night Fever

Duran Duran/Planet Earth

Cyndi Lauper/High and Mighty


Deee-Lite/Groove is in the Heart


Daft Punk/One More Time


Kylie Minogue/Love at First Sight

Boy Pablo/Losing You

Jean Tonique/Lit Up

Poom/Les Voiles


Ekkah/Can't Give It Up

Roosevelt/Night Moves (midnight Version)

Yuksek/Sweet Addiction

Two Door Cinema/Bad Decisions (Yuksek Remix)

Donna Summer/Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)

Michael Jackson/P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

Classix/I Feel Numb

Sunscreem/Love U More

Eurythmics/I’ve Got a Life

Daft Punk & Pharrel/Get Lucky

Madonna/Deeper and Deeper

Cher/Take Me Home

Donna Summer/Last Dance

Kylie Minogue/Can’t Get You Out of My Head


Pet Shop Boys/Being Boring


The Weekend/Wasted Time

Duran Duran/Come Undone

Eurythmics/I’ve Tried Everything

The Random Hubiak/I’ve Come Undone (Radio Edit)

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