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New Music — Ce N'est Pas Un Album: Hordes of Slaughter Sheep

We don’t have a full album of new material yet, but Adam and the band and I have been recording new material and re-recording some older material with the full band. We wanted to make sure that at least *some* of what we’ve worked on this year made it to your ears (and, if you’re the type to shell out a few bucks on downloads, onto your desktop or into your iTunes or MP3 player!).

So, to that end, our digital-only release, Ce N’est Pas Un Album: Hordes of Slaughter Sheep arrives today, just in time for you to hear it on Spotify and Pandora over the Thanksgiving weekend! We’ll also have playlists going out weekly to contextualize these songs with other material from other artists you may be familiar with, thus making it easy to share to songs with friends and family who may not know The Random Hubiak Band (that’s a hint, by the way: please share these playlists to help us gain some traction!).

Keen observers will recognize the nod to René Magritte in the album title (“Ce N’est Pas un Pipe”) — and, speaking of artwork, check out the gorgeous watercolor poppies by artist Christine Owens, whose husband Adam is my longtime collaborator — and then the line “Hordes of Slaughter Sheep” is culled from the one completely new song in the batch, “I Only Come Alive in Dreams.” Also you’ll note that I used a different form of the word (hoard vs horde), because the collection of songs is a collection (a hoard) versus a crowd (a horde). We English majors delight in such linguistic serendipities.

So, here’s the track listing, followed by a little information about each song. You'll hear more about each song in greater detail when I send out the individual playlists. However, you can in the meantime listen to the collection of songs on Spotify by following THIS LINK or on YouTube by following THIS LINK.

And if you like what you hear, you can do me a solid by going to CDBaby and purchasing a download!

Or, if you prefer, you can buy a copy at iTunes. Or, if you don't want to do downloads, you could just go to the store here and order a T-shirt! Buy a T-shirt from The Random Hubiak website and I'll throw in an autographed home-burned copy of the new collection.

1. I Only Come Alive in Dreams (Pop Mix)

2. Halcyon Daze (Full Length Version)

3. Memoirs of a Manwhore (Full Length Version)

4. I’ve Come Undone (2018 Vocals)

5. Vapor Trails (Full Length Version)

6. Jaffa Suite (I. Naked on the Rocks, II. Kneeling at the Frame, III. Erased by Time and Sea)

7. When All is Said and Done (ABBA Cover)

8. Dreams from a Stolen Car (2018 Vocal)

9. Static (Ambient Mix)

10. Halcyon Daze (Pop Edit)

11. Memoirs of a Man Child (Radio Edit/Clean)

12. I’ve Come Undone (Radio Edit)

13. Vapor Trails (Rock Radio Edit)

14. Halcyon Daze (Rock Radio Edit)

15. I Only Come Alive in Dreams (3:03 Edit)

16. Crazie Lanie (Drum Trip Demo)

“Halcyon Daze,” ”Crazy Lanie,” and “Static” are all from my late 1990s album SURVIVING THE JONESES, which is currently out of print. The band and I are re-recording the album in its entirety and adding some new tracks, one of which is “I Only Come Alive in Dreams.”

“I've Come Undone” and “Dreams from a Stolen Car” are both MEMOIRS OF A MANWHORE: THE REELING WALTZ OF A DRUNKEN LOTHARIO outtakes that were originally featured on the digital-only EP, “Anchors Aweigh.” Once the band and I have re-recorded all the tracks on 2013's MANWHORE, we hope to do a reissue on CD and double vinyl that will include “Dreams” and the new version of “Manwhore,” as well as another track that fits the album’s sonic palette didn't make the original album deadline, “Mexican Standoff.”

“Vapor Trails” and the ABBA cover “When All is Said and Done” are both from my early 1990s release ENDLESS STREET: A SPIRITUAL TRAVELOGUE, an album currently out of print (but available in limited demo form for streaming on Spotify).

The Jaffa Suite originally appeared as three separate songs on our 2015 album THE BLEACHED BONES OF TITANS. For the sake of streaming (specifically, Pandora), I wanted the entire suite as one piece that would play continuously for anybody listening to my music within a larger shuffle.

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