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Chord Charts: Affected Disaffection + The Making Of (reposted from Facebook)

“Affected Disaffection” is a song that grew from two things: the desire to craft a song that sounded like glam-era David Bowie or The London Suede, and a line from Edith Wharton’s The House of Mirth (“Lily leaned back in the luxury of discontent.”).

Yes, the chord changes are difficult, and some of the chords themselves are not for beginners (contrary to the claims of the idiot who penned THIS REVIEW and who clearly doesn’t know what chord changes are, since this song has more than twice the number of chords of any Coldplay song and four times the number of chords in any Kanye West tune, and harder changes than anything by either of those artists), but it’s worth the effort: harder chord changes will make you a better musician!

Here are the chord charts:

The lyrics are printed below to help you as well, and you may wish to listen to the song on YOUTUBE (link) in order to practice singing and playing along, or perhaps you prefer Spotify (link).



Get a load of the princess with the jaded smile, Always walking the miracle mile to the curse of the purse.


Exhausts all the colours of her chameleon range 'Til she's no way left to change and no new role to rehearse.


Carries loose convictions; they're her passport and coin, Accessories that speak of where she's been to or is going.


You have seen it all. Rome could fall. It wouldn't cast a pall on you. Yes you have seen it all. Even the siren's call would fail to enthrall you.


Her only true religion is affected ennui, Cultivated apathy, so checkered her record.


Says she travels faster cuz she's lost her dead weight. What that is, though, is up for debate and she's got the last word.


The luxury of discontent and disconnect, Calendars of empty days are all she collects.

(Repeat chorus)


Yes there are miracles residing in the mundane but you'll never change. You know there's miracles residing in the mundane If you're open to the pleasure and pain.


Affected disaffection is the mask that you wear Until you really don't care. It's the numb you become.

(Repeat chorus 2x)

**** On “The Making Of...” [originally posted 29 October 2015]

With the new album debuting soon, I would like to take a little time to introduce you to the tracks on the album, one by one. I'll save the opening track for last, as it is sort of a "bonus" track written for the holidays, and start with the second track (and lead single) "Affected Disaffection." I originally wrote this for another album we're working on, a double album of very Beatlesque material, actually. We had already recorded an album version reminiscent of RUBBER SOUL era Beatles. That version WILL indeed still show up on that other album. But as we readied ourselves to return to the studio to work on that double album, we wanted to release an alternate version of "Affected Disaffection" as a lead single on an EP featuring some non-album tracks. THIS version, which is the one featured on the new album, rocks much harder and has a Ziggy Stardust era David Bowie sound to it. And the songs kept coming, which turned the "Affected Disaffection" EP first into an 8-song super-EP at roughly 36 minutes (basically, album length!) and eventually into an 11-song album at 43 minutes.

Recording this song was a lot of fun. All my US guys were at Jankland Studios in Wall NJ -- Jacque Jobes on bass, Paul Galiszewski on drums, Tom Briant on guitar, and Steve Jankowski at the helm. We played the song through live four times and the band nailed it on the fourth. I noticed that I'd also done a nearly identical take on our third take, so we went ahead and kept both vocals to create a panning effect. Adam Silverstein added the keyboards separately that weekend all the way in the UK and dropboxed them back to us, and Tom Briant added his solos in my home studio later. Essentially we recorded all the core rhythm elements live with the vocals. Hence there is a live quality to the sound that you don't get when every instrument is tracked separately.

Here are two video versions you can watch -- one on piano, one on guitar, both semi-naked.

You can pre-order your digital download of the new album, THE BLEACHED BONES OF TITANS, at iTunes, or you can email me at to order a HARD COPY of the album (which you'll have in your hands before the download is available!) for just $2.50 more.

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