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Coming Soon: Blog Entries!

I know, you'd like to know everything right away. Impatience is one of the fundamental traits of being human. Hell, I've got over two dozen albums' worth of demos sitting around, and I'm here wondering why studio owners aren't bending over backwards to offer me free time, and musicians aren't begging me for the chance to play on those recordings for free just to be a part of the history. If I can wait for my dreams, you can wait for new blog entries to appear (also, I'll be transferring over old blog entries, which you can currently view from my Facebook Notes page).

*update 1 November 2018: All of my Facebook blogs have now been copied to this page as well, although I will be doing some tweaking (formatting, tagging) over the next few weeks as time permits, and hopefully have one or two new things to say in the interim as well.

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