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Brand New Video! “These Are Trying Times”

The much awaited brand new video for “These Are Trying Times” is available to view! Director Matthew Croyle (of One Fish Media) and I had a wonderful time shooting my portion in the alleyway of the National Transit Building in oil city as well as under the bridge where route 62 crosses between North and South Side Oil City. Matty then shot around Oil City for additional footage. We wanted to capture the bleakness of economic blight, but also the hope that springs up between the cracks, and Matt did a fantastic job of that!

I’m blessed to now have two directors with whom I enjoy working, and hopefully 2018 will see me release a few more videos (probably for older songs) while I continue to work with Adam Silverstein on our upcoming double album, A CAPITAL IDEA: GILDING THE AGE.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video on YouTube or through Facebook videos. Make sure to share this video far and wide, and maybe leave some nice comments!

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