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“Free Fall” Playlist

I originally wrote “Free Fall” all the way back in 1993 and recorded a four-track demo that featured Adam Fitting harmonizing with me on backing vocals (which were recorded at half speed to sound all “chipmunky” when played at regular speed). Although I loved the song and played it frequently at the piano, I never had a proper project for it until Adam Silverstein and I began recording for the MEMOIRS album, where we found it fit the sonic palette quite nicely.

The song always had a The Beatlesque quality to it. Consequently, this playlist contains a number of songs by the Beatles (“Because,” “Strawberry Fields Forever,” “Penny Lane,” “Something,” “Octopus’s Garden,” “A Day in the Life”) and other artists who sound like them (Electric Light Orchestra, with “Tightrope;” Badfinger, with “Come and Get It;” Michael Penn, with “No Myth” and “Lucky One;” Julian Lennon, with “Valotte” and “Saltwater;” School of Fish, with “Rose Colored Glasses;” Oasis, with “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and “Champagne Supernova;” Justin Hayward, with “Forever Autumn;” Elliot Smith, with “Baby Britain”), as well as a few gems that I felt fit the playlist despite not being Beatlesque (Cyndi Lauper, with “All Through the Night;” Bettina Joy DeGuzman, with “Invocation to Aphrodite;” and New Radicals, with “I Hope I Didn’t Just Give Away the Ending”). I also threw in Styx’s “Come Sail Away,” because Paul Galiszewski says that the drums and keyboards on this one remind him of classic Styx.

As always, YOU CAN LISTEN FOR FREE ON SPOTIFY BY CLICKING THIS LINK. Yes, you’ll get about thirty seconds of commercials every fifth or sixth song, but that’s probably better odds that the radio gives you, right? And it’s a great list, with all the songs hand-picked by yours truly! Please share the list with friends on social media if you enjoy it. Every bit of exposure to new audiences helps me make a living!


Angel’s wings, you even had me fooled. Kite strings, I was the thread you pulled. Fed me lines I just couldn’t fight. You led me off the ground and disengaged the flight. I was regretting that I’d never learned to fly. The air grew thinner and my mouth was getting dry. Cut off the engines and my motivation stalled. Now I am diving without a net Into the free fall, free fall, free fall (you never cared at all).

Replay, I can’t stop hearing your lines over and over like Gertrude Stein. Poet, wasn’t my waif act right? I’ll cut off one of my ears some starry night. Call up your therapist to pick apart my mind. Hire me a palm reader to tell me I’ll go blind. Fit me a straight jacket, one size to suit all. Shoot me to the moon. Sit back. Relax. Enjoy my free fall, free fall, free fall (you never cared at all).

Your self-appointed candlestick blazes the sky and burns his wick. My will is thin. My love is thick. My ego’s corpse is yours to pick. Your self-appointed candlestick blazes the sky and burns his wick. You dropped me like a ton of bricks. This love hurts more than stone or sticks.

Pick up the pieces when I break. I know you’ll still be standing in my wake. I should have expected that anvil parachute, But I’d abandon reason for even half as cute. And if they knew could they really blame me at all? I’ve never known the thrill of love Until the free fall, free fall, free fall (you never cared at all).

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