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“Three Rings” Playlist

I’ll be making little notes for each of the songs on my older albums as well as those on the newer albums... So, let’s start with “Three Rings,” the opening track from the MEMOIRS OF A MANWHORE album. At the time, I was devouring Tom Waits’s catalogue. The songs on this album really began as an emulation of his earlier albums: Closing Time, Small Change, Heart of a Saturday Night, and such, when he was primarily a sensitive troubadour with a piano and a left-of-center (but not yet gravelly) voice. So you have some of his tracks: “Closing Time,” “I Hope That I Don’t Fall In Love with You,” “Midnight Lullabye,” “Ice Cream Man,” “Grapefruit Moon,” “Ol’ 55,” and “The Piano Has Been Drinking.” All great stuff!

But there are other artists, too. Adam and I recorded the songs on MEMOIRS with the knowledge that I’d likely be touring solo to support the album, so the arrangements were designed to highlight the piano and allow the instrumentation to be stripped down for acoustic arrangements whenever necessary. So the other artists on this list are known for melody and hooks, even when the chord arrangements are complex: Tori Amos, Billy Joel, Harry Nilsson, Elton John, Ben Folds, Janis Ian, Rufus Wainwright, and Otis Redding.

Here’s the LINK TO THE FREE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST RIGHT HERE. Listen repeatedly. Share with friends.

You can buy the download on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon. You can also order hard copies of the album from me directly. Just contact me via private message!

***2018/11/03 You need not contact me since you can order copies from this website's store!


Honey, step right up. Take a seat. I’ll treat you right. The spotlight moon’s illuminating a big blue tent night. Just relax and let me worry about the stage fright. The carnival calliope is playing us a popcorn tune, And I’ll be three rings round the moon.

No creature comfort bleachers here, so don’t overdress. Just stick your gum beneath your seat. No one minds the mess. When your head’s been in the lion’s jaws you find no reason to distress And the carnival calliope is calling out a big tent tune. We’ll be three rings round the moon.

All the animals are acrobats who’ve paid their union dues. The clown’s tears only face paint; their sorrow’s to amuse. Watch me shoot out of this cannon. I’ll even let you light the fuse!

I’ve worked without a net before, so don’t be ill at ease On my acrobatic outings on the tightrope and trapeze. I promise you a spectacle that’s guaranteed to please.

In the morning you won’t find me, honey. I’ll be miles away. My caravan struck out before the breaking light of day. You’ve maybe fists of sawdust and a few stray straws of hay. The barker’s call receding, you let go the balloons. And I’m three rings round...

And I’d really love to stay but I can only leave too soon. For one night only, baby, I’ll show you three rings round the moon.

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