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“Sleep” Playlist (reposted from Facebook)

When the Avenging Digital Angels arrive, will it be too late for the Singularity to save us? Will we upload our consciousnesses into something greater than our individual, petty spheres, or will we become just chunks of data coded into a subroutine that nobody cares about?

“Sleep” explores this concept: Technology has provided us the opportunity to become part of a larger community, but instead, most people have used it to isolate themselves from the world around them.

These songs explore both the sonic palette and/or the philosophical space occupied by The General Electorate’s “Sleep”: “Jennifer” by the Eurythmics; “Blue Dress” by Depeche Mode; “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap; “Chinese Envoy” by John Cale; “No One is Watching You Now” by 'Til Tuesday; “The Misunderstanding” by Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark; “Wise Enough” by Lamb; “I Love You Goodbye” by Thomas Dolby; “How It Ends” by DeVotchKa; “The Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys; “A Few Hours After This” by The Cure; “Red Rover” by Fleetwood Mac; “Twilight” by Electric Light Orchestra; “The Three Great Stimulants” by JoniMitchell; “Like an Angel Passing Through My Room” by ABBA; and the amazing “O Superman (For Massenet)” by Laurie Anderson.

HERE IS THE LINK TO LISTEN TO THE PLAYLIST. Remember, each play of my song will generate a fraction of a cent for me, so listen to the playlist over and over again (it’s free for you on Spotify!) and share it with your friends to help generate income for the work I’ve done and hopefully export my music to a wider audience.


Sleep. It's only a dream, this world come apart at the seams. Sleep in the digital stream far from muffled analog screams.

I've coded in the binary and tallied up the sums, The dreams that died, regrets that lived, all in zeroes and ones, A cascading interface that neither judges or absolves The unresolving axis of the world as it revolves.

In dreams we never recognize the faces of ourselves. Black mirrors warp and obfuscate the surfaces we delve. Mining in just two dimensions, in looking pools we drown, Submerged in our mythologies. It's turtles all the way down.

All of these cables, these connections, gave diversion, misdirection. Miles spanned with satellites and wires drove darkness from the night. They promised to bring us together but they gave us isolation In the atomizing aether: echo chambers, one man nations.

How do you absolve a species incapable of learning from its past mistakes? How long can you push the world past its physical limits and not expect that it break?

Make me perfect. Make me whole. I pray the cloud to save my soul. Delete my errors, corrupt files, the stain of sin the Lord reviles. Re-encode my genes and take me to dreams from which you cannot wake me.

I am biding my time waiting for the singularity, In a Heaven of Our Making, saved for all eternity.

It’s coming to the end! It is overdue! There is nothing to amend! This isn’t about you.

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