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“The Big Lie” Playlist (reposted from Facebook)

“The Big Lie” was written in summer of 2016 and recorded in January 2017. Along with several other tracks (“(Those Who Know So Well) What God Wants,” “Sleep,” and “Affected Disaffection”), this one was recorded while I had pneumonia and was on a three week course of antibiotics. Fortunately, these songs mostly didn’t require tremendous vocal acrobatics. With “The Big Lie,” the goal was to be a menacing chant. The lead vocal is actually about twelve tracks merged into a single vocal, all singing melody. There’s not nearly as much chorus or reverb on the track as you’d think from listening. Instead, it’s the multi-tracked vocals merged into one.

I was specifically aiming to sound like Black Celebration-era Depeche Mode, which is obviously included in the playlist. Likewise, there was a similarity to Tears for Fears’s “Shout,” also included in the list. Other artists included in the playlist are TalkTalk, Pet Shop Boys, Eurythmics, Erasure, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Gary Numan, and 'Til Tuesday, as well as a few artists you might not expect -- Lindsey Buckingham and Joni Mitchell, whose 80s synth work appear.

The song itself is based on a Hitler quote regarding the way to normalize a falsehood and motivate ordinary people to commit the most horrific, evil acts.

This is the shortest of the playlists, clocking in at just over an hour. So once you go to the FREE SPOTIFY PLAYLIST LINK HERE, you’ll probably need to play this one seven or eight times, right? Don’t forget to share, since it’s free to listen to on Spotify, and you’ll only have a couple commercial interruptions over the duration.


The big lie: one only need repeat it (the big lie) and the whole wide world believes. Soon no one will deny the big lie.

It’s so outrageous, we couldn’t have made it up. Made it contagious. The unsuspecting world ate it up. And soon it’s all you know.

A big lie said confidently with a shout (a big lie) is all you need to drown truth out. A commodity that you can buy, the big lie.

Turn off your faculties. They shackle me. I need to speak to Your basal ganglia to entangle ya til you can’t see.

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