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A New Album is On The Way! (reposted from Facebook)

A New Album is On The Way!

September 20, 2015 at 5:42 PM

Hey folks!

So, what was to be a five-track EP previewing an alternate version of a song from our next album, and then featuring a few bonus tracks that didn't fit into that particular album, has now turned into an eleven-song album of all-new-material. Originally, we had one song written for an album (also still in the works) of Beatlesque material, but approached in a manner that was more aggressive and glam than the album version. Additionally we had three really awesome songs that didn't fit the style of the Beatlesque album, and one more song that basically is the stupidest thing I've ever written (even more ridiculous than my dumb disco song, "Come Undone") but really, really fun and weird (and it pokes fun at a lot of Beatles' songs).

However, as we waited to record that EP, I wrote a powerful ballad to console a friend who'd lost a dear family member to cancer. Then, the studio time we'd booked months prior approached, and I realized that the EP would be coming out around mid-November and felt the song should have an original Christmas composition, so that came along. After which, in a very short span of time, I wrote what stands as possibly my most OFFENSIVE song ever (barring a song I'd written in high school called "The Eighteen-Penised Slime Creature from the Blue Tar Pits of Planet Z," a true new wave classic that deserves to be rediscovered at some point), about something topical, which I shall not name as this track is going to be something as a treat when it starts getting airplay (and I've got a few places that have promised to play it).

By that point, the song had achieved what I'd refer to as a "Super EP" status: it was 36 minutes in length, basically long enough to constitute a full album in the traditional sense. But with only eight tracks, it would be anomalous in today's market to label it a full album.

When a personal tragedy threw a ten-day monkey wrench into the mixing/mastering process (which will resume on the 28th), I took advantage of the opportunity to pen three more short tracks that form a three-song suite with an underlying theme. These tracks brought the running time of the album to 43 minutes.

More importantly, it brought the song total to eleven, a magical number in the world of iTunes, where 11 tracks means that you can offer a free "instant gratification" download for anyone who pre-orders the album! Yes, they have to wait for the full album... But they get something right away to sink their teeth (and ears) into, thus sweetening the pot and enticing pre-sales.

So, here's what you'll want to know about the new album: Pre-orders will probably begin about a week before Halloween. During the pre-sale orders, we will be offering a VERY significantly discounted price to order the whole album -- probably in the three dollar range, for eleven tracks. If you believe in our music, if you like what you do, and if you are sick of shitty pop music on the radio, then stay tuned for my new album and pre-order the entire digital download the second it's available, and encourage everyone you know to do so as well. If we can manage to sell 5,000 pre-orders, even at that crazy discount, it will cover the cost of recording, mixing, mastering, and physically producing some CDs. If we can get more than that, we are considering doing a vinyl pressing as well -- the songs time out PERFECTLY to do a vinyl album, with seven songs at 22 minutes on one side and four songs at 21 minutes on the other side.

As always, there's amazing playing from the band -- Tom Briant on guitars; Adam Silverstein handling most of the keyboards and strings; Jacque Jobes on the bass (except on the numbers where Adam & I had to cover for him); Paul Galiszewski on drums and percussion. Studio engineering, mixing, and mastering are handled by the wonderfully patient and amazingly gifted Steve Jankowski of Blood, Sweat & Tears. And of course the amazing songwriting, spearheaded by myself but with input from all the guys at various points. Plus we've got really cool artwork for the cover by artist Mark Paich!

Sonically, this song celebrates all of my favorite sounds of the early-to-mid-1970s: Glam, punk, and prog rock. Yes, it's a huge stylistic departure from the MANWHORE album (although I'd say that album also celebrated the early 1970s, just from a different angle: Billy Joel, Tom Waits, Elton John, and Carole King). It's also a huge departure from what is played on the radio today. It's spirited, intellectual, emotional, and multi-dimensional. Lyrics are crafted with attention to detail and to the various denotations and connotations of words involved and their import.

Please, please, please, stay tuned and please consider being among those who pre-order the album so we can finance a vinyl pressing, pay off our debts from prior EPs, and finance the subsequent Beatlesque LP (which, currently at 65 minutes, will truly be long enough to constitute a double-album if we do a vinyl pressing). With enough pre-orders, we could actually have a budget for advertising, booking venues, upgrading our equipment (my home studio -- where all the pre-work and at least half of the finished work takes place -- is a six-year-old iMac that is getting near retirement; my car is twice that and has 220,000 miles on it, which makes touring a hairy ordeal, especially given the lack of air conditioning). Wouldn't achieving all of this be a wonderful kick in the ass to all the fans of Nikki Minaj and Katie Perry? Isn't that worth three of your dollars? I mean, c'mon... Make your own coffee for a day and skip the Starbucks!

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