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New HOTEL BY THE RIVER EP available for pre-order on iTunes (reposted from Facebook)

Paul Sawyier watercolor "Ky River at Canoe Creek"

I just wanted to let everybody know that you can now pre-order the new EP, HOTEL BY THE RIVER, on iTunes (release date August 29). Starting next week, I'll begin posting blogs about the individual tracks on the EP, but for now let me just provide a few general notes about the EP as a whole.

The title track is culled from my MEMOIRS OF A MANWHORE: THE REELING WALTZ OF A DRUNKEN LOTHARIO album. The album version (versus the EP/single version) is a solo effort in Bb; the new single/EP edit is a duet featuring the vocals of Barb Gurskey and is raised a full step from the album version to the key of C.

Three of the five new tracks, "The Bed That Burned," "I'm Told You Never Sleep," and "Ars Poetica," were written during a five-day weekend in California this past January before being recorded in my home studio (or, in the case of "I'm Told You Never Sleep," recorded live in Jankland studios in Wall with backing vocal overdubs and guitar & mandolin solos added later from my home studio). The other two, "Oh Marie" and "Open," were written about two years ago.

Paul Galiszewski returns to perform all percussive duties from drums to cajon and tambourine, tambourim, and bongos.

Jacque Jobes plays bass on the title track and "I'm Told You Never Sleep."

Mark Sylvester is guest guitarist on "Oh Marie" and "Open."

All other guitar duties are performed by my stalwart standby, Tom Briant. Tom also plays mandolin on "Never Sleep."

Steve Jankowski of Jankland Studios and Blood, Sweat, & Tears performs all engineering, mixing & mastering duties and co-produced the album.

Barb Gurskey sings on the title track and "Ars Poetica."

Adam Silverstein of Karl and the Marx Brothers lends his fingers to the keyboards on "Hotel."

And you can pre-order the full EP for $5 on iTunes at this link!

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