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The Random Hubiak recommends Matt Cook

More music from artists I endorse

This year at Asbury Park Porchfest, I had the honor of following Matt Cook’s set. We shared my keyboard for our two sets (I knew he had a gig later at Asbury Lanes and that not having to load-in/load-out twice might be doing him a solid, but I also knew that it would make our two back-to-back sets easier for both of us if we didn’t have to change out equipment between).

Matt put on a great show. He’s a brilliant piano player, way better than I am. He’s also a fantastic songwriter, one who tells fantastic stories in each of his songs. He’s also a great guy to boot, so it’s a no-brainer that I’d want you to give his stuff a listen: he deserves to succeed, and if you like my songs, you’ll like his too.

You can hear the influence of Ben Folds in a lot of his jazzier compositions, but you’ll also catch some Tom Baxter (Feather & Stone) and John Mayer in his vocal intonations and phrasings, so there’s just that little bit more to recommend him to you. Matt also cites Brian Wilson as a huge influence, and you can catch that in his arrangements. I don’t know what else I can say… Check out his music at the various links below the playlist. Find him on Facebook. Follow him on Instagram. Buy his music at CDBaby or iTunes. Also, you can catch his songs scattered through the playlists I’ve created for my own songs. I’ve attached a link to one such playlist below.

A playlist that you can hear on Spotify and YouTube

(Links Below the contents)

The Random Hubiak: Hotel by the River Roberta Flack: Suzanne Bette Midler: Song of Bernadette Jennifer Warnes: Bird ona Wire Linda Ronstadt: Someone to Lay Down Beside Me Cold Weather Company: Garden Elton John: Tiny Dancer Billy Joel: Falling of the Rain Harry Nilsson: Many Rivers to Cross Matt Cook: I Do Tom Waits: Diamonds on My Windshield Otis Redding: That’s How Strong My Love Is Eli Paperboy Reed: Your Sins Will Find You Out Marc Cohn: Walk on Water Josh Groban: You Raise Me Up Matt Cook: Nameless Linda Ronstadt: Blue Bayou Mary Chapin Carpenter: This Shirt Jackson Browne: Rock Me on the Water Mark Sylester: I’ll Not Be Weary Ben Folds Five: Evaporated Elton John: Skyline Pigeon Joni Mitchell: Two Grey Rooms Tracy Chapman: For You The Foxfires: Choose Love Linda Ronstadt: Desperado Tori Amos: Baker Baker Mary Chapin Carpenter: End of My Pirate Days Marc Cohn: Saving the Best for Last Elton John: Tonight Fleetwood Mac: Come a Little Bit Closer Bette Midler: Lullabye in Blue Mary Chapin Carpenter: John Doe #24 Joni Mitchell: River Harry Nilsson: Snow Jeff Buckley: Hallelujah

Listen to Matt's music on

Buy Matt's music on

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